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Four Generations of a Quality Tradition…

Amelia & Frank Stepniak were living in Scranton, PA during the “golden years”. The growth the city had seen up to 1930 was inconceivable.
Northeast PA’s historic mining industry combined with manufacturing plants that took root in the area, made Scranton a commercial hub to the region.

It was during this growth and near the on-set of the Great Depression in the late 1920s that Amelia & Frank decided to leave the “big city” and move to the small town of Brooklyn, PA to start their slaughter house.

Right around the time when people were searching for more affordable ways to feed their families, the Stepniak’s began providing NEPA’s Scranton area with their butchered beef & pigs. Selling halves & quarters to the region.



As the Great Depression brought some really hard times on Scranton with failing local businesses & a huge rise in unemployment, the Stepniak’s were able to build a nice business that is now in its 4th generation.

Passed down to William & Josephine Stepniak who added the retail business & also at the time delivered meat to fill resident’s refrigerators (like the Schwann’s guy does today). From there William II & Beverly took over the successful slaughter house & today their daughter Loni Saylor and her husband Jeremy continue the Stepniak tradition built on those values of days gone by. Proudly serving the customer to the best of their ability, offering quality products, and service with a smile, you are invited to experience this age old tradition for yourself. Explore the website more – call & order meat products for pick-up or choose something for the on-line store to be sent to your home.

Thank you for checking out the Stepniak history, Loni, Jeremy and the Stepniak family look forward to serving you for years to come.


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